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Pico Balloon with Arduino

Space balloon is a popular hobby among makers.Usually they hook an action camera to the balloon take amazing photos over 10km above earth and it is really amazing. At first I believe these photos took our attention. Sending something to sky is extremely fun. But this fun is limited. Because a few hours later balloon is blowing up. So we searched for a long term fun. We want to send something to sky but we don’t want it to blow up and land in a few hours. So our searches lead us to pico ballooning. Pico ballooning is about sending a small sensor package nearly 50 grams with a helium balloon. Generally they use qualatex foil balloon like this one. We fill 1/3 of them with helium.These balloons are not elastic so they are not expanding as they go up in the sky thus they stay in same height after reaching their final volume.

Lets get to our pico balloons. We have sent two pico balloons ,one of them is with a AA battery  and one of them is with a solar battery.

Our first balloon is built with a habduino shield. But we did small modifications. Habduino shield includes every sensor we need such as temperature sensor , battery voltage sensor and a gps. However Habduino is built for Arduino uno and it was too heavy for our balloons. We did some modifications to reduce its weight and it was really useful.Our complete system was about 45 grams.



  • Removed antenna ports
  • Changed gps antenna with passive antenna  instead of its active antenna
  • Removed arduino uno shield pins

After altering physical parts we need to change software too. Software is designed to work on Arduino uno and it can work on arduino pro too obviously. But the habduino code was missing telemetry functions. It means it can’t send telemetry data.  So I added telemetry send function.It can be found on my github :

Our first flight lasted nearly 18 hours. 

We sent it with a single AA battery. The result was really satisfying. But after our first try we want build a solar cell – powered system so we could track it for days. Thus we started to build second pico balloon. But this time we did not used a habduino shield. Instead , we used three different sensors to build something that is like habduino but smaller and lighter.

In our second try, following sensors and modules were used :

Because of we did not get as much as sun as we did in summer our energy was so limited that we could only power our system for a few minutes. We need to use power more efficient so we ended up using four 10F , 2.7V capacitor to store solar power. And also we found an interesting module which is responsible for turning off the system when power is too low. With this module( our system turns itself off when power is about 5.2V and turns itself on when it reaches to 5.8V.  By this advantage we make sure that it stored enough power before turning itself on.

I used the same library I used on habduino shield. But I wrote a wrapper to make it easy for other people to use it. You can get it from github :

And there is an example in the folder. You can look at it and use it. It is designed for a temperature sensored pico balloon sensor box with arduino mini 3.3v and a GPS Sensor (UBLOX M8).

Our second flight lasted 2 days. We don’t exactly know what happened after 2 days but our next flight will be more stable.

You can get more detailed information about our flights from


Stay tuned.


EasyTransferPi – EasyTransfer for RaspberryPi

EasyTransfer is commonly popular among Arduino developers.It simplifies the communication between two Arduinos.But if you want to communicate with a different device for example a RaspberryPi , there is no version of this library to work on other devices.So EasyTransfer for RaspberryPi is developed for that reason.
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Arduino meets Android USB Host Shield and ADK Serial Communication Library

In previous post of mine (here) I wrote about communication between Arduino and Android with using OTG cable.But there are many ways to establish a connection between Arduino and Android.
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A Better Development Environment for Arduino – embedXcode

Are you aware of better development environment for Arduino.

Developing with Arduino IDE is pretty tasteful for little hobby projects. But when you decided to build a bigger project with Arduino you will see that Arduino IDE is boring, not practical and you wouldn’t implement an object-oriented design with IDE.It will be complicated.
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Quadcopter with arduino and android part 1

I always liked doing things in my way.This time I’am going to build a quad with an arduino and android. At previous post I wrote about how you can connect arduino to android with otg cable. I am going to stick to this plan and use Android as a decision-making unit.So what does arduino do in this plan?
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Communication between Arduino and Android with usb otg cable

I was thinking about raspberry pi and its features.What is raspberry pi ? Raspberry is a mini computer with a few output ports. When you decided to do very complicated work with an arduino you will see that it is not enough. At this point you will need something bigger like raspberry or beaglebone.
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Arduino Wifi Shield Hack with Ethernet Shield

Last week I really needed Arduino wifi shield to start a home automation project. But in fact wifi shield is too pricey. So I had an ethernet shield and a portable wifi modem like this. Mine is a little bit different but functionalities are the same. Make sure that yours has RJ45 ethernet output.
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ArduRover APM 2.6 Setup Tutorial

We had one of these boards last week in order to build an automated car. This is an autopilot named ardupilot.Project is based on Arduino boards.I have read from some forum that an arduino mega could become one of these when its software installed.But it also has compass and gyro sensors so it is a useful kit. If you were using an arduino you will have to buy these sensors and develop a software for them too.Moreover , if you don’t know how to code , it would be a good idea to buy one of these to make your own robot. I strongly recommend you to buy GPS pack with it.
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AOSONG DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Example-Arduino

Hello ,

This post is about an example of AOSONG temperature and humidity sensor usage with arduino.First of all, you need these equipments :

-Arduino board,BreadBoard,AOSONG – DHT11 and a few jumper cables.
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