A Better Development Environment for Arduino – embedXcode

Are you aware of better development environment for Arduino.

Developing with Arduino IDE is pretty tasteful for little hobby projects. But when you decided to build a bigger project with Arduino you will see that Arduino IDE is boring, not practical and you wouldn’t implement an object-oriented design with IDE.It will be complicated.

So , we have professional development environments today for free like Eclipse,Xcode etc…

I’ve made some web searching for plugins/templates that I can develop Arduino with using these professional developer tools.And I found embedXcode.

“embedXcode is a template for Xcode, Apple’s official IDE on Mac, and eases development for the most popular embedded computing boards.”

You can easily install it is not a rocket science, and build more readable , more understandable projects for you or for your team.

Download embedXcode from here and install.

To create a new Arduino project select embedXcode Sketch template like shown below :

embedXcode template
embedXcode template selection

Select your board and project location, project will be created after that you can develop freely with Xcode.You can create classes and implement object-oriented design.

Object - oriented design with Xcode
Object – oriented design with Xcode

For further info you can visit : http://embedxcode.weebly.com/


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