Autoboot(start) android when charger is connected

First I will tell you where did we need an Android phone which starts when charger is connected.

Nowadays we are struggling to build an autonomous boat named PiriBot which name is inspired from Piri Reis. In this project we are using android as a decision-making unit ,with using its environmental(compass,gps,humidity etc.) sensor data.

We created our autopilot software on android , everything seems good.Tested it.But we had a pretty important problem on our way.

Piribot will be using solar power to make its own trip. So when sun goes down , android can drain its battery and shut itself down. In the daylight(think that as if charger connected) it needs to boot and start again.Most android devices don’t support this feature, especially the one we are using(Samsung Galaxy s4).

I searched through xda-developers forum and some other forums.Someone has found solution for his device (nexus 7 I think) below.But it doesn’t work on GalaxyS4.

In this thread ,DavidThompson256 talks about changing a system file that provides battery animation when charger is connected. The file is named : playlpm.All you need to do is clear all the lines and add these lines :

As I said above , there is no file named “playlpm”.So I have searched all of system files under /system/bin.And I found “lpm”.It was the same thing but its name was different 🙂 lpm file in bin folder

First I have renamed  it as “lpm2” to check if battery animation is showing up when charger connected.And I succeeded.There was no animation.So immediately I changed file like this : lpm file edit

Tadaaa! 🙂 It is done.

Now your android device will start when you connect your charger.

Remember this functionality requires root access.So you may void your warranty or brick your device. It may not be possible to repair your device. Please be aware of this before performing any modifications to your phone.


NEW EDIT: To be able to autostart android when charger connected on Galaxy Note 4 you need to change file named “lpm” and do the above.I guess all of samsung phones includes these lpm or likewise files. Try to change them.

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    1. Hi ,

      I haven’t tried this app.I think it does the same thing.Also it is a paid app but my way is free.But my point was ; It might be different among all other the devices.What you must do is, find the battery animation file and change it.With this way you can set a buffer to make your phone charge enough amount. i.e :change the file like this :

      sleep 40(some amount of time while charging)

        1. Başka bir ismi olabilir mi bilmiyorum.’charge’ , ‘battery’ gibi terimler aramaya çalış gerek dosya isimlerinde gerek içeriklerinde.

    1. Hi ,

      Can I ask you which device are you using ? You might have to go into these files that you think it is battery animation file, look for some animation code. For example: Some “for” loop which is setting an image to somewhere…Then change that file.

  1. Which file do I need to modify in case I own a MTK (Mediatek) based device? I own iball Andi 4.5Q and Lava iris 405. There are tons of other MTK based devices available in the market and all of them have similar file structure. Please suggest.

    1. @Parag: For MTK devices the name of the battery charging file is ipod (present in /system/bin/).However,when I included the code shown above,I was not able to achieve a reboot on powering using the USB cable.Were you cable to find your solution?

      1. For my MTK device I was trying to replace the code in ipod file with

        but in vain.I was not able to achieve boot up when my device was shutdown and docked.But when I used just one line of code,namely ‘/system/bin/reboot’ I was able to achieve the reboot !

        1. I fixed mine with renaming reboot to lpm.
          make sure you both files “reboot” and “lpm”
          lpm is actually “reboot”
          both files are actually “reboot” one named “lpm”

          1. for MTK u have sucess?
            I have a tb 120 and no idea how I can get it startup when I start the car… :'(

  2. I found the file named lpm on my Samsung S5, and made the change, it now reboot when charging, but it boot in recoverymode, any tips?

  3. For my MTK device I found that the battery charging file is called ‘ipod’ . After taking its backup,I deleted all the previous code and replaced with your code.I have even given 777/root/shell to the file.However,my tablet does not reboot from shutdown state when its plugged in to the usb charger.What could be that I am doing wrong?

    1. Found the reason my commands were not executing.
      The reason was because,I was editing on my notepad++ on windows,until I came across this answer on SO –
      ” Make sure your text editor is not putting a /r /n and only a /n for every new line. This is typical if you are writing the script on windows.Use notepad++ (windows) and go to edit|EOL convention|UNIX then save it. ”
      So I changed my convention as per the above answer and ran my code and got the desired result.

      1. i cant seem to get the file to execute. by chance can u email your ipod file. I have the Lenovo a5500f running android 4.4.2. email me @ kevwong33(a)yahoo thanks

  4. Does anyone know how to do boot when charing using Cyanogenmod? When you install CM on the phone, there is no LPM or playlpm or IPOD file. So what is the battery animation app for Cyanogenmod?

  5. Hi,
    I have an Insignia tablet and the system/bin directory does not have a file named “playlpm”, “lpm”, or “ipod”. I have looked through many of files, but do not see anything that refers to a battery charging animation. I’m not sure I even know what to look for in the file. Can someone post what the contents of the original “lpm” file should look like? Then I will have a better idea if I find it. Thanks!

    1. Firstly, I hope you have enabled the root access and option to view hidden files,only then are all the files in system/bin visible.Secondly,is your device MTK based ? If yes,then it should have an ipod file in /system/bin, if not then check what your device chipset is and then based on it search online on where the battery animation file for your device would be present.

      1. Tharun, thank you for the response.

        Yes I have root access using Kingo ROOT. I am using Root Browser to look inside /system/bin and “Show hidden files” is checked in the preferences.

        I am using an Insignia Flex 7″ tablet (Best Buy brand), and I think it uses the Rockchip RK3168. I am currently Googling to find the name of the battery animation file for Rockchip chipset. If you have any ideas, let me know!

      2. Tharun,

        After some internet research, I am still not able to figure out which file I should modify.

        Based on the fact that it is a Rockchip RK3168, do you have any insight?

        Is it possible that the battery animation file is in a directory other than the /system/bin?


          1. @Bobby : No idea for rockchip buddy.If you do find the correct file then do post your answer here for the community. @Rohit : The file name may be present in some and not in others.Names may vary based on different devices.

        1. @Rohit : Are you saying that you were successfully able to achieve auto reboot on your motorola by editing the ‘charge_only_mode’ file ?

  6. For all the folks having issue with auto-rebooting MTK device when docked, following is the solution that worked for me.Hope it helps someone.

    1) Edit the battery animation file of your MTK device.For my iBall tab(MTK device) its called ipod,located at /system/bin/
    2) Replace the whole code inside the ipod with :

    sleep 20

    where sleep 20 will delay the reboot by 20 seconds(or give your own choice of delay value)

    3) IMPORTANT : Edit file using Notepad++.Once the file is edited,go to EDIT->EOL Conversion-> Choose UNIX/OSX Format and save it.

    Once you have done till Step3 there are two ways to proceed further.Either directly copy this ipod file to /system/bin and give :
    permission : 777
    owner : root
    group : shell

    if you can and goto Step 5. But in my case I was not able to rename/change permission of file.I was getting a ‘Task Failed’ popup.If you face so,then try below approach.

    4) Reboot tab in recovery mode,then using adb commands ,do :
    – adb remount (may need to unmount /system manually using the options there,if its not in the unmounted state) and then transfer the ipod file to the device using (adb push ipod /system/bin/)
    Next use shell command and give permissions to the pushed ipod file above
    – adb shell
    – chmod 777 /system/bin/ipod

    5) reboot tab.Then power off tab, connect usb charger and see if it reboots automatically.Good luck ! :)

    1. Hi Tharun,
      I’m attempting to do this following your scripts with sleep delay. I’m trying to do it all on root explorer. I had no issues entering the script and setting the appropriate permissions however it doesn’t seem to boot when the charge cord is plugged in. It is still displaying the battery charging icon? I can even go into the file and execute the script to make the device reboot which really confuses me? Is it because I’m not using notepad++ and choosing UNIX/OSX format? My device is a matricom g-tab zeta and is fairly new but does have the cortex a7 chipset with the ipod folder. Let me know your thoughts when you have a moment….thanks.

      1. My above soln was tested on 4.1.2 and is working there.When I had tried on 4.2.2 it was not working as the ‘reboot’ file for 4.2.2 and 4.1.2 was different.To make it work on 4.2.2 I had used the reboot file of 4.1.2 on 4.2.2( but dont know if this causes other issues) and it worked in the latter.What is your OS version? and yes see if you can save the format using notepad++ and get it working.

    2. Tharun,
      I’m on 4.4.2, the device came loaded with that. I tried the notepad++ method as well and had no luck. Which file did you have to change on 4.2.2? Was it still system/bin/ipod or another file?

      1. I had modified the ‘ipod’ file present in ‘system/bin/ipod’ itself.However,as I mentioned before,I used the ‘reboot’ file (present in /system/bin/) of 4.1.2 and replaced it with the reboot file(present in /system/bin/) of 4.2.2 as with the latter it was not working

      2. Thanks Tharun, it could be a whole different animal as I’m on 4.4.2. I’ll keep nosing around in the system folders to see if I can find the charging animation. I’ve been in and out of various folders executing scripts but have been unable to get the charging animation to launch. If I can find it my plan is to replace said file with the reboot file from system/bin. If it works I’ll post my findings.

        Thanks again.

        1. OK, I have listed all the steps I did to solve my problem on this site.I hope you find your soln.Happy to assist further as much as possible. Atb !

  7. code Doesn’t work for Samsung GT-S5282
    Phone Model:Samsung GT-S5282 with Android 4.1.2
    root status :Roote with Recovery Method and installed superSu
    Hi i have edited this code

    In my /system/bin/playlpm file and also set the permission to 775 .but phone did not restart when plugged in with charger
    Please can any one tell which fill to edit to restart the phone when charger plugging in Samsung GT-S5282 Model
    I have try ed to search on Google but did not find any thing Working on my Model Kindly Help

    thank You

  8. Thank you very much sir! I have search the web for hours on the. It worked on my Samsung Galaxy tab pro SM-T520.

    I did encounter some difficulties though. I used the Root Browser the browse the files and i found the right file in the /system/bin/ folder, but it seemed like i could not save the edited file on to my device. Aften some time trying to change the writing permissions and what not – which failed – i just shifted text editor to RB Text Editor and it worked. Also if i did not shut the Root Browser properly down by clicking on the red exit cross and just hit the power button on the device after saving, it seemed like the file did not get saved properly.
    So yeah – It is my first time rooting an android device and first time developing something serious for it, so it could be me how just have fucked up my device a bit or just don’t know stuff, but that was my thoughts..

    But thank you again for this article!

  9. My Galaxy Tab 3 has the LPM file but when I edit it, it reboots into recovery mode not the OS. Any help would be appreciated.


  10. I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ P3100 3G
    with custom rom and can’t found this file, did I have to reinsal to factory oem ROM
    ps.Aykuk I not se any xda thread link?

  11. Hi,

    I have found the file /system/bin/lpm but unable to edit the name or the content of the file.
    I there any additional step required to make “lpm” file editable.
    I am using Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 mobile.


  12. Hi All

    I have a Micromax Unite (A092) phone -> with Qualcomm MSM8212 Snapdragon 200 based chipset having Android Jelly beans 4.3, which is rooted via the vRoot PC software and is running ChainFire SuperSU. I am using ES File Explorer to view the System/bin Folder and have turned on Root explorer and Show hidden files option.

    I desperately need to get it to boot up when charger is connected. Here are my findings :

    1. Cannot find playlpm, lpm, chargemon or ipod file in the system/bin folder
    2. Tried deleting the charge_monitor file but the battery animations still appears
    3. Found a charger file in the system folder which has references to res/images/charger/battery_0.png (Images which show up when charger is connected on switched off phone). Changing this file has no effect as it seems to be regenerated every time the system is rebooted.
    4.Found a file called bootanimation in system/bin but this only effects the boot animation which appears once the power button is hit on a switched off mobile, has no effect on the boot animation when charger is connected to a switched off mobile.

    Have tried for days researching and randomly renaming files in the system/bin folder but cannot find the relevant file. Will deeply appreciate any help on this urgent matter.

    1. Hi Rohit

      I Saw the above link before posting here but this does not solve my problem as my system/bin does not have chargemon or charge_only_mode file

      Please help me sort this out guys.

      1. I need this desperately guys and I will give $100 as a thank you to anyone who helps me figure this out.

  13. Hi,

    I’m also trying to achieve a boot up on charging, but had no luck yet.

    It’s a MTK device on 4.4.2, named Wiko Lenny.

    I tried all the tips posted here, I tried a lot of other commands too, like “su -c reboot” for example.
    So the result every time was that if I open a terminal and simply type in “ipod”, my device reboots. But when the phone is off and I plug it in, it doesn’t work. It only shows the battery icon (without loading the replaced charging animation).
    I even copied the “reboot” file and renamed it to ipod. No luck. But I think the reason here is simply the lack of su rights.

    So I would be glad if anyone may have some ideas…

    Greets and many thanks

    1. Hi Peter

      If I were you, the first thing I would check is whether I have rooted the phone properly, Just download ES file manager and see if you can enable to root explorer. Or just use the good ol root checker app

      Some manufacturers also have the tendency to restore some files on reboot. This is what is happening with my charger.c file, so you might want to check that as well.

      1. Hi Shantanu,

        thank you for your reply.
        I think that the rooting was successfull. To edit and move the files in the /system/bin folder I think root privileges are needed. Other commands which require root are working also.

        My modified files are at their place after reboot, so I think on my phone there is no automatic restoring of system files.

        I assume a problem could be the android version 4.4.2, as I couldn’t find any success stories for this task on android 4.4.2 yet.

        I’m thinking of swapping my device to one with android 4.2, this could be the easiest solution – if I couldn’t find another one.

        Greets and thanks

  14. Hello! I have the same problem as Shantanu, (i have a Galaxy s2 i9000) ALL of the system files seem to regernerate when the phone is restarted/booted, and i can neither get the command to run, the battery charging icon allways show, i have found a file in device folder, called charger.

    Have been at this for long tried everything above, gonna need some help.

  15. Anyone with Sony Xperia’s? How about lollipop? I’m running rooted Xperia Z3 with the latest official lollipop. No files have been found.

  16. A have problem to with this scipt. A have LG L5 II E460 with MTK. I found ipod file in system/bin/ and change it.
    I wrote:

    And after connecting charging cable still I have charging animation
    In terminal emulator when I wrote individual lines phone rebooting but when a try to run ipod file nothing happens

  17. Thanks to this post !!! found my lpm, created tne new file with VI editor (i`m 42 and that is what i used long ago in solaris OS) then I changed permissions with chmod 755 and chown root:shell just to duplicate the exact permissions that original lpm file had

    done !!

    Phone: a cheap galaxy ace (android 4.4.4) to be used as car gps tracking with realtime gps app which you can set to autostart too 🙂

    Next: to figure out how to auto shutdown when power is not present in phone


    1. Hi road102,

      i have a Galaxy Ace with CM (Android 4.4.4) too, but I Cannot find the lpm file.
      Can you give me a hint? Which file did you modify?

      1. Should be under /system/bin

        Do a search from root using “find . | grep lpm” command, here is my output where you lill se the lpm file

        Welcome to Telnetd 🙂

        u0_a113@vivalto3mve3gltn:/ $ su
        root@vivalto3mve3gltn:/ # cd /
        root@vivalto3mve3gltn:/ # find . | grep lpm
        find: ./proc/4911: No such file or directory
        find: ./proc/4943: No such file or directory
        find: ./proc/4962: No such file or directory
        find: ./proc/5001: No such file or directory
        find: ./proc/5015: No such file or directory
        find: ./proc/5079: No such file or directory
        find: ./proc/5091: No such file or directory
        find: ./proc/5111: No such file or directory
        find: ./proc/5156: No such file or directory
        find: ./proc/5184: No such file or directory
        root@vivalto3mve3gltn:/ #
        130|root@vivalto3mve3gltn:/ #

    2. What is Chmod 755 ? an app ? How can I use it too ?
      and chow root:shell ???
      Can you be more specific please ??
      I’m completely stuck with that

  18. Galaxy S I9000, updated with Cyanogenmod. The phone is definately rooted, checked this. can not find any of the files mentioned and searched system/bin but nothing jumped out. Has anyone found the file for the I9000.

    Is there a way to copy all the system/bin files to a pc and then search all the files to find key words such as battery, etc.



  19. Hi Guys,
    I am trying to achieve this on Micromax Canvas phone. There was nothing happening with Ipod file, but there was a file named as kpoc_charger. I removed the file and the battery animation which shows the battery percentage on power off is not coming. But when I edited the file and deleted everything and wrote


    nothing is happening.

    I am using notepad++ for editing.
    What is the extension for such files.I should keep it as .sh file?


  20. Has anyone been successful at running the modified ipod file on MTK devices. I am having the same problem as Peter stated above. the modified ipod file works on android 4.2 but not android 4.4

  21. I’ll pay anyone who has a solution that works for Sony Xperia devices. None of the files mentioned are present. I’ve spent many, many hours trying to find a solution. Really hoping someone has the answer! Thanks in advance!

  22. Verbose post, but hopefully it helps a bit:

    0. Running Android rooted by Kingo Root on an MTK chipset.

    1. I found /system/bin/ipod and tried all manner of hell with that file – never had any affect on the device whatsoever. My current “/system/bin/ipod” file contains nothing, but the original is backed up as “/system/bin/ipod2”.

    2. After viewing the binary files in the /system/bin/ folder, I found /system/bin/kpoc to be promising. I renamed it to “/system/bin/kpoc.bak” and rebooted to find my charging animation had disappeared.

    3. created a file “/system/bin/kpoc” containing:


    This caused my device to show the charging animation again, as before any modifications.

    3. Attempted many different versions of the above reboot command to no avail, but I can get this to run from the terminal:

    su -c “/system/bin/reboot”

    This does not cause the device to boot when the charger is plugged in. I also tried:

    /system/bin/su -c “/system/bin/reboot”

    Which also reboots when executed from terminal, but does not have the desired “boot when plugged in”.

    4. Tried:

    /system/bin/su -c “/system/bin/reboot”

    This yields the charging animation appearing again, but, again, the device does not boot upon being plugged in. I’ve searched a bit for an older version of a reboot binary, to give that a shot – no dice yet.

    Hope this helps someone, but I’ve yet to complete the task. I will post again if I am successful. Otherwise, if someone else finishes the job or sees my error, please let me (all of us?) know!



    1. Why do you call this post verbose ? How can I know all devices’ boot file configs. This is a blog and I had a problem that some people may have in future or had in past. And it kinda became a forum. So I am glad that people solved this problem using comments. Please let us know when you solved your problem. Good luck…

      1. Thanks Aykut. I wasn’t expecting a solution from you necessarily – as you said your post has provided something of a forum, so I was just begging anyone that may have made more progress than me for help.

        Again, thanks for (inadvertently?) starting this lengthy and helpful discussion.

        I’ll let everyone know if I find a solution.

        —– A little (progress?) update:

        I’m trying to chase down commands alternate to “/system/bin/reboot”. Interestingly (to me at least), cannot get the battery charging animation to show if I use either:

        /system/bin/su -c “/system/bin/ipod2”


        su -c “/system/bin/ipod2”

        As a reminder (see my post above), if I run:


        I do get the charging animation reappearing.

        Unless I’m misunderstanding something, this seems to indicate the “/system/bin/su -c ” and “su -c” commands are not being well received.

        Not sure where to go from here… The only thing I could think is that the permissions of the “/system/bin/su” file were incorrect, but ls -l /system/bin/root yields: rwxr-xr-x root root. I did try making a file

        cp /system/bin/su /system/bin/
        chown root:shell /system/bin/

        and setting the script in /system/bin/kpoc to:

        /system/bin/ -c “/system/bin/ipod2”

        but this still did not yield the charging animation. This leads me to the conclusion that something about the su command isn’t liked… but I know almost nothing about linux or Android, so I’m essentially just thrashing about here.

        I think that either a reboot command that doesn’t require su elevation or an elevation to su that actually works in whatever environment the /system/bin/kpoc file is being executed in would do the trick… but, again, I’m at a loss.

        Thanks again to all of the helpful posts above and to the original author. I’ll post if I find a solution.

        1. Sorry for misunderstanding :). Well, the only thing that makes sense to me is , maybe your device is not properly rooted or the device can have some kind of security policy.Because you say that reboot commands are working when you type in terminal.It should be working in these files as well…

  23. Has anyone managed to do this on a Sony Xperia? I’ve tried all files mentioned here, none work. I’ve found the offline charging battery animation files (png’s) can’t find any file that references them though. Any ideas welcome!

  24. Awesome.
    I use the Pioneer App Radio3 and instead of buying an Android mini PC or stick, I plan on using my old LG G3 as a dedicated device for my radio. Through 3rd party apps and this configuration, I will have full access to my phone via the radio head unit. I can then mount the phone in a secure location as it will receive power from the head unit. once again, AWESOME!

  25. not working for me…
    I already try open the notepad ++ and put the lines, save it like unix and replace the ipod file into ‘system/bin’, it didn’t work.

  26. Hi all
    I tried this way and it worked perfect.

    One thing I would like to change how could I set some percentage when device is reach to 5% after then device will turn on.

        1. I don’t know if there is a command to get battery percentage. But if your phone’s battery is already dead(%0) before charging(for me most of the case..) then making it reach to %20 will always take same amount of time I believe.Maybe this way you can achieve what you want.

  27. For Lenovo A2010 phone,following worked:

    1. Use file manager phone app from playstore like Total commander(on rooted phone) to goto folder /system/bin/
    2. Copy file kpoc_charger and paste it there as kpoc_charger.bak
    3. Now edit the original file kpoc_charger using total-commander, replace all lines with following code:

    4. Save it, goto properties and change UID:0 root, GID:2000 shell and permission as 755 (same as properties of other files in /system/bin folder).
    5. Now shutdown phone and plug to charger.
    6. Bazinga!!!! battery icon shows for a sec but phone sucessfully boots into os.

  28. I have Supra M941G

    I tried all the way that described in this blog

    I changed ipod file with this line

    sleep 20

    As described if the charging animation disabling its mean I have to make changes in that file which I did.

    Also there is pm file which is not doing anything at all. So I deleted this file as well tried only with ipod file but still it doesn’t work.
    The device won’t turn on after plug in power adapter

    Could anyone tell me solution here?

  29. Reading through all the articles about auto boot on charge, I am so much surprised that no one mentioned how this might possibly be done for HTC phones. Nothing in the web for HTC phones on this issue or maybee I am a very bad googler. Anyway, is there a possible way of auto booting on charge for an old HTC phone as it has no charging animation when plugged which could be a trigger to boot phone as the same way of what you have been doing.

  30. I have successfully rooted my samsung Galaxy S7 using this tutorialhow-to-root-galaxy-s7-on-android-6-0-1-marshmallow/

    Now i want to boot my mobile on charger plug when mobile is off. i found my lpm file in system/bin/ using ES file browser and changing lpm file content to


    and also tried


    and also tried


    But none of method works for me on s7. also change the file permission for file for root,Group&World to rwx-rwx-rwx. I don’t know why it is not working either i am conduction any mistake or its issue with latest technology of Galaxy S7 that preventing me to do this. It just showing empty battery now with a charging signal. No animation any more and also by replacing orignal file its doing nothing.

    when i hit script from adb shell system/bin/lpm mobile reboot successfully.

    Any help. Thanks is advance.

  31. So on my galaxy S4 if I run those commands in a terminal emulator it will reboot my phone, but if I create the lpm with those three lines, set the permissions and root/shell it does not work. Anything one got it to work on the s$ with android 5?

  32. This worked perfect. Anyone having problems, be sure you’re using a text editor that can save with root access. I used Quickedit. It’s free and compatible with many programming languages.

  33. Had problems previously with S2 but now have it working, I think it was either the wrong text editor that I used or I think I may have left the ! mark out on the top line.
    I have the original firmware loaded, I did try various Cyanogenmod versions but could not find the LPM file so I think you are limited to ver 4.2 as after this the file structure changes and no one have been able to find where the battery display is run from.
    I have a Galaxy S working for 6 months now, this is running Cyanogenmod ver 4.1.2 and I use it as a remote camera. I run 2 programmes, teamviewer and Trackview. Due to running ver 4.1.2 teamviewer will not run the remote viewer so this gives me stats and Trackview allows me to see both front and remote cameras. The S2 with 4.2 allows teamviewer to provide both functions. Would be interested to swap ideas with anyone else who is usuing it for this function

  34. I could change successfully my lenovo tab3 ,
    the file location was in bin\kpoc_charger

    do same work that you want to do with playlpm or … file

  35. I have a Huawei Ascend G526 with 4.1.2 installed and rooted. I haven’t been able to find any of these files. I have also tried changing power off charging boot via fastboot without success.

    I also tried to find the charging animation files but could only find ones relating to charging icon when powered on. What file format would the animation possible be?

    When trying to test and change files, restarts show files un changed. I have tried different root file explorers with the same results, is there something I’m missing with the correct text editor app?

  36. I have a Huawei Ascent Mate with Android 4.1.2, I haven’t been able to find any of these files, playlpm, lpm, kpoc_charger or charge_only_mode. I have also tried to copy rebbot and rename ti like all the names quoted before… nothing did the trick 🙁 – any other ideaa about the file a have to modify? Thanks in advance.

  37. Please where can I find this system folder its no in settings! My power button is broken and I need solution ASAP! Thank you!

  38. Hi,i have samsung s4 i9505 with omega rom v19 android 4.3.
    I tryed to modify playlpm file and another named lpmkey,but not work…i continu to see battery animation when i connect charger.
    How i can find file to change?
    Sorry for my bad english.
    I hope you can help me.

  39. Hello,
    sorry for my bad english,
    i have samsung galaxy s4 i9505 with omega rom v19 android 4.3.
    I tried to modify playlpm file in system/bin folder but not work.
    I tried also app auto boot but nothing.
    I continue see animation when i put usb charger.
    How i can find file that manage animation of charger?

  40. Can someone post a kpoc_charger file for lenovo? Or for what should I look in /system/bin ? I don`t have those files inside. Thank you.

    1. edit: found a rom that had kpoc_charger and ipod file inside /system/bin/ . They had in common charging word and some othres. I copied all my files from /system/bin/ to PC and opened all of them with notepad++. I search those words on my files and I haven`t found any. So there is no file in bin folder that have any relation with charger or battery animation file on Lenovo YT3-850F android 6.0.1. WTF GOOGLE ?

  41. edit: after some research and I don`t remember how many google pages and searches I found that you can achieve this function using:

    1. Enter Fastboot Mode (adb reboot bootloader)
    2. Enter Command: fastboot oem off-mode charge 0
    3. Enter Command: fastboot reboot

    if that is not working for you maybe this one will work:

    1. search in /system/bin/ for playlpm, ipod, lpm, kpoc_charger or any other file that have inside some reference to battery animation.
    2. edit that file, delete all content inside and add

    if that is not working you can try this:

    1. Unpack boot.img and edit init.rc.
    2. Add following to the end of file:
    #Check if chargermode and start autoreboot service.
    on property:ro.bootmode=charger
    start autoreboot

    #autoreboott service which command reboot
    service autoreboot /su/bin/su /system/bin/reboot -c reboot now
    user root

    3. re-pack boot.img

    None of that worked for me but I had an idea. Why not just create that damn file inside /bin ???

    1. unpack boot.img
    2. edit > ramdisk >
    3. add start kpoc_charger to “on charger” line *** “kpoc_charger” can have any name be free to name it ***
    4. add after:
    service kpoc_charger /system/bin/kpoc_charger
    class charge

    5. create kpoc_charger file on root/system/bin/ with 755 permissions using any root file managers
    6. edit file and add:

    Have fun and enjoy this.

    1. codryn… need your help

      I have tried everything but I don’t seem to make it work. I have tried your method as well but it is also not working. Please is there a way I can connect with you and understand it better. Please help me.

  42. Abi bende o soyledigin dosyalar yok, neye gore anlayabilirim o isi yapan dosya var mi veya cihaz destekliyor mu ?

    cihaz polypad q9 belki bilginiz vardir

    Cok tesekkurler simdiden, iyi gunler

  43. Not working on Android 7.0. I have successfully rooted device but could not make device turn on after charger is connected.
    I did everything as described above .
    Is there any solution here?
    Is someone had a device Android 7.0 ?

  44. thanks for the help
    my phone is samsung s5 and when I changed the file and plug the charger it goes to recovery boot, not the normal boot

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