Quadcopter with arduino and android part 1

I always liked doing things in my way.This time I’am going to build a quad with an arduino and android. At previous post I wrote about how you can connect arduino to android with otg cable. I am going to stick to this plan and use Android as a decision-making unit.So what does arduino do in this plan?

Arduino will be an executer.Android is going to command it (i.e altitude , self balance controlling, remote commands from user)and arduino will be responsible for making it happen.

In this project I am using :

-ST360 quad frame from hobbyking . (hobbyking link)

-4xESC 20A Turnigy

-2200 mah Turnigy battery

-An arduino

-An android

In this part I could only managed to put parts together and motor testing.

2014-06-19 21.01.19

After building st360 frame ,I used a code piece for only arduino to get commands from serial monitor.

Arduino Code:


I have entered strings like “a;100*” to send 100 command to ESC’s.

And finally I have managed all of them working properly :

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