Arduino Wifi Shield Hack with Ethernet Shield

Last week I really needed Arduino wifi shield to start a home automation project. But in fact wifi shield is too pricey. So I had an ethernet shield and a portable wifi modem like this. Mine is a little bit different but functionalities are the same. Make sure that yours has RJ45 ethernet output.

So, I realise that if I connect my wifi modem to internet and than with an ethernet cable connected to the shield ,I will have a wireless shield !

Arduino Wifi Hack with 3g Modem
Arduino Wifi Hack with 3g Modem

Of course I’d like make a little demonstration about how to use ethernet or wifi shield.In this post I will talk about my homemade temperature and humidity meter 🙂 . In previous post I explained how you can use AOSONG DHT11 sensor.Again using this sensor I will host a website that shows my home’s temperature.

DHT11 AOSONG connections All Connection DHT11

Use the code below , and then you can get temp of your room on your browser at the specified address. Mine is

Hope you like it…

My Room Temp.
My Room Temp.



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