Carousel ViewPager for Android example

Greetings android people, This post includes a Carousel ViewPager for Android example and library.There are so many varieties of view pagers in these times.And this one can be the one you are looking for. I have searched through the internet to find something like this but I couldn’t succeed.So I have combined what I have found and learned to get what I need.Carousel ViewPager is a viewpager

that shows 3 pages like this :

carousel pager

And its transitions are changed a little bit.It has an animation like in the itunes.When you started to slide your finger you will see that the angles of cards are changing.

carousel slide

You can find this example in github here. I hope it fits your needs..

7 thoughts on “Carousel ViewPager for Android example”

  1. Hi, Just downloaded it and it is super. Learning android and this looks like something I can understand at last. Thanks for making this and sharing it.

  2. Its the best solution for ViewPager carousel:) thanks for sharing. but i have one question. My viewpager locate in a layout. and after animation it change backgroung where rotate is start. Can you help me with this issue? sorry for my English)

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